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Title Autror/Host Date Medium Language
Bratislava podporuje USA, pretože zdieľame spoločné hodnoty Mesežnikov Grigorij 4.3.2003 Standard News (Bulharsko) BG
Словакия: образец трансформации для Беларуси? Mesežnikov Grigorij 10.5.2012 N-Europe Belarus BY
Славацкі палітолаг: Каб перамагчы аўтарытарызм, трэба аб’яднацца Mesežnikov Grigorij 23.4.2012 Euroradio Belarus BY
Slovak Elections 2020: Unexpected implications of the expected victory Mesežnikov Grigorij 25.3.2020 europesfutures.eu EN
A political map of Slovakia two years after the tragedy of the murder of Ján and Martina Mesežnikov Grigorij 11.3.2020 boell.de EN
Political context of the murder of a journalist in Slovakia Mesežnikov Grigorij 7.3.2018 boell.cz EN
The Fallout of Murder Mesežnikov Grigorij 1.3.2018 visegradinsight.eu EN
Analyst: Society has the tools to prevent the worst from happening Mesežnikov Grigorij 1.2.2017 The Slovak Spectator EN
Slovak echoes of Brexit Mesežnikov Grigorij 3.8.2016 boell.de EN
Migration, elections and extremism: the case of Slovak politics Mesežnikov Grigorij 26.5.2016 boell.de EN
Brussels, Moscow and European Belarus Mesežnikov Grigorij 12.5.2016 charter97.org EN
The 2016 elections in Slovakia: a shock Mesežnikov Grigorij 22.3.2016 boell.org EN
European Union, Lukashenka, and fate of Belarusian democracy Mesežnikov Grigorij 15.2.2016 charter97.org EN
Release of political prisoners: a lot of questions and one answer Mesežnikov Grigorij 16.9.2015 charter97.org EN
The best that could have happened Mesežnikov Grigorij 1.8.2015 Visegrad Insight EN
West should launch counterattack in war with Russia Mesežnikov Grigorij 20.7.2015 charter97.org EN
Refugees are not welcome: A brown Saturday in Bratislava Mesežnikov Grigorij 7.7.2015 boell.de EN
The Váhostav affair is the Gorilla of Smer Mesežnikov Grigorij 4.5.2015 The Slovak Spectator EN
Slovakia: Causes of the Referendum Fiasco Mesežnikov Grigorij 12.2.2015 boell.cz EN
Politicians' Referendum Mantras Mesežnikov Grigorij 6.2.2015 boell.de EN
Mesežnikov: 2015 will be a pre-election year Mesežnikov Grigorij 12.1.2015 The Slovak Spectator EN
Success based on alliances (interview) Mesežnikov Grigorij 14.7.2014 The Slovak Spectator EN
A vicious circle of disinterest in European elections Gyárfášová Oľga 1.7.2014 green european journal.eu EN
Slovakia's Presidential Election: When Playing the Conservative Card Does Not Work Bútorová Zora 8.4.2014 cz.boell.org EN
The presidential defeat of Robert Fico Mesežnikov Grigorij 3.4.2014 Visegrad Insight EN
2013 saw extremism rising in Slovakia Mesežnikov Grigorij 6.1.2014 The Slovak Spectator EN
Conspiracy ideas in Slovakia: state of affairs, shifts and contexts Mesežnikov Grigorij 21.10.2013 Deconspirator.com EN
Visegrad Group, Eastern Partnership and Ukraine Mesežnikov Grigorij 11.10.2013 ukrinform.ua EN
"Hungarian threat" as conspiracy stereotype in Slovakia Mesežnikov Grigorij 25.9.2013 deconspirator.com EN
Many people believe that someone pulls the strings Gyárfášová Oľga 19.8.2013 deconspirator.com EN
Demand for right-wing extremist politics in Slovakia: Findings of the DEREX project Mesežnikov Grigorij 10.8.2013 deconspirator.com EN
Eastern Europe's Path to Democracy Gyárfášová Oľga 26.2.2013 SGI News EN
EU as a tool of global conspiracy? Mesežnikov Grigorij 5.2.2013 deconspirator.com EN
Norwegian Tragedy and Slovakia Mesežnikov Grigorij 5.11.2012 deconspirator.com EN
Principle of inclusion is needed Gyárfášová Oľga 29.10.2012 The Slovak Spectator EN
Who Do You Love More: Mom Or Dad? Gyárfášová Oľga 3.10.2012 visegradrevue.eu EN
The Three Faces of Anti-Semitism in Slovakia Mesežnikov Grigorij 20.7.2012 deconspirator.com EN
Slovak Parliamentary Elections 2012: Is Radical Nationalism Rising or on the Decline? Mesežnikov Grigorij 13.6.2012 deconspirator.com EN
The outlook for Slovak-Hungarian relations after the 2012 parliamentary elections Mesežnikov Grigorij 10.4.2012 boell.cz EN
The Possibilities and Limits of Our Future Gyárfášová Oľga 2.4.2012 Connection EN
V4s Historical Hero - Mr. Nobody Gyárfášová Oľga 27.3.2012 V4 Revue EN
Post-Election Slovakia Mesežnikov Grigorij 13.4.2011 KAS International Reports EN
Slovakia: from the Velvet Revolution to the Third Decade of Freedom Bútora Martin Winter 2010-2011 Slovo (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) EN
Twenty Years of Maturing: Slovak Women Exploring the Frontiers of Democracy Bútorová Zora Winter 2010-2011 Slovo (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) EN
The Atlanticism of Slovaks on the Rise Bútorová Zora, Gyárfášová Oľga 3.12.2010 blog.gmfus.org EN
Finding Common Grounds. Rediscovering the Common Narrative of Turkey and Europe Gyárfášová Oľga 31.12.2009 International Issues and Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs EN
Who really won the 2009 European Elections in Slovakia? Mesežnikov Grigorij 23.6.2009 www.boell.cz EN
Presidential Election in Sovakia: Outcomes and Context Mesežnikov Grigorij 27.5.2009 www.boell.cz EN
Will Union Lose Its Face? Mesežnikov Grigorij 29.4.2009 SME EN
She and He still not equal Bútorová Zora 6.4.2009 The Slovak Spectator EN
A new beginning - and not just for America Bútora Martin 7.11.2008 www.salon.eu.sk EN
Slovaks and Americans greet Obama US election victory Bútora Martin 5.11.2008 The Slovak Spectator EN
Slovak citizens online Velšic Marián 11_2008 Connection EN
Slovaks´views of the United States: Room for Improvement Gyárfášová Oľga 15.7.2008 Connection EN
Nationalism has simply asserted itself much easier Mesežnikov Grigorij 9.1.2008 Slovak Spectator EN
Role of Think Tanks in Economic Transition in Slovakia Mesežnikov Grigorij 10.12.2007 Supporting Changes EN
Nightmares From the Past, Dreams oF the Future Bútora Martin 17.10.2007 Journal of Democracy EN
Transatlantic Trends: What new democracies share, and don’t Gyárfášová Oľga 21.9.2007 blog.gmfus.org EN
Who is really benefiting from Fico´s politics? Mesežnikov Grigorij, Nicholson Tom 1.5.2007 SPEX EN
Slovakia’ s political lurch casts doubt on its pro-EU stance Mesežnikov Grigorij 13.2.2007 Europe´s World EN
Covering all the angles Deegan Kevin Krause, Mesežnikov Grigorij 24.6.2006 The Slovak Spectator EN
Slovakia 2005-2006: The political drama Mesežnikov Grigorij 9.1.2006 Slovak Spectator EN
Digital Literacy in Slovakia Velšic Marián 11_2005 Connection (American Chamber of Commerce) EN
The elections deserve more attention Mesežnikov Grigorij 28.11.2005 Slovak Spectator EN
Grigorij Meseznikov on Prospects of SDKU and HZDS Coalition Nicholson Tom 14.2.2005 Slovak Spectator EN
Good news for Slovakia Bútora Martin 21.2.2005 Slovak Spectator EN
Slovakia: From Black Hole to Leading Light Gyárfášová Oľga 6.10.2004 Transition Online EN
Europe Old and New: Neighbors, Friends and Allies Gábelová Barbora 13.8.2004 Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs EN
Schuster's mixed record Mesežnikov Grigorij 21.6.2004 Slovak Spectator EN
Is Slovakia Moving Towards an Early Election? Gyárfášová Oľga 1_2004 M.E.S.A.10, Slovak Monthly Report EN
Political and Technical Conditionality in Slovakia's Accession into the OECD Bruncko Martin 13.11.2000 Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs EN
"We have to work like workaholics to catch up" after Meciar Bútora Martin 15.2.1999 The Slovak Spectator EN
Recent Romani migration from Slovakia to EU member states. Vašečka Imrich, Vašečka Michal 3_2003 Nationalities Papers EN
Put Down In The Underclass Vašečka Michal 10_1999 The New Presence EN
The Crisis in Kosovo and the Slovak Public: A Lesson on International Politics Gyárfášová Oľga 12_2000 Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs EN
Ongoing tension within SDK should not threaten stability of the Government Mesežnikov Grigorij 12_2000 M.E.S.A.10, Slovak Monthly Report EN
Movements on the Political Scene Mesežnikov Grigorij 4_2001 M.E.S.A.10, Slovak Monthly Report EN
The Main Trends of the Internal Political Development of Slovakia in 2000 as One of the Factors of the Foreign Policy of Slovakia Mesežnikov Grigorij 1.4.2001 Slovak Institute for International Studies EN
The Roma in Domestic Media Vašečka Michal 4.6.2001 The Slovak Spectator EN
Think tank chief: Slovaks deserve more from government Mesežnikov Grigorij 11.6.2001 The Slovak Spectator EN
Role of Think Tanks in Social Transformation Process Mesežnikov Grigorij 9_2001 Connection (American Chamber of Commerce) EN
Breaking the Legacy of the Past – Establishing Independent Public Opinion Polls in Slovakia Gyárfášová Oľga 8.11.2001 Transitions OnLine (TOL) EN
Mr. Mečiar - Reformed Champion of Democracy? Šťastný Marek 1.2.2002 IVO EN
The 2002 Parliamentary Elections in Slovakia and Prospects for Further Development Mesežnikov Grigorij 10_2002 CSIS EN
Slovakia: Consolidation of Democracy with State Sovereignty Mesežnikov Grigorij 1_2003 Review of International Affairs (Međunarodna politika), Vol. L - LII, Nos 1078-1104 EN
Unity in the Union Mesežnikov Grigorij 4_2003 NGO News EN
Slovakia heads for the EU: what was accomplished and what lies ahead Gyárfášová Oľga 7_2003 Az Európai Tanulmányok (Európa 2002) EN
Mesežnikov: Kandidates lists not surprising Mesežnikov Grigorij 20.3.2006 The Slovac Spectator EN
Migration, Wahlkampf und Extremismus: Das Fallbeispiel Slowakei Mesežnikov Grigorij 26.5.2016 boell.de GER
Die slowakischen Wahlen 2016: Ein Schock für die Demokratie Mesežnikov Grigorij 22.3.2016 boell.de GER
Der Mainstream ist proeuropäisch Mesežnikov Grigorij 9.10.2015 Wirtschaftsblatt GER
Slowakei ein Jahr vor Parlamentswahlen: Stand und Aussichten Mesežnikov Grigorij 26.3.2015 kas.de GER
Europa-wahlen: das "slowakische paradox" Gyárfášová Oľga 12.6.2014 boell.de GER
Keine Ausrede auf Koalitionspartner Mesežnikov Grigorij 15.3.2012 Wirtschaftsblatt AT GER
Die Slowakei nach der Wahl Mesežnikov Grigorij 13.4.2011 KAS Auslandsinformationen GER
Die Zukunft der NATO in Mittelosteuropa Gyárfášová Oľga 20.4.2009 Das Parlament GER
Konspirációs elméletek és a "magyar fenyegetés" Mesežnikov Grigorij 23.9.2013 Új szó HU
Szlovák választások: Fico győztes taktikája, Orbán ügyes húzása Mesežnikov Grigorij 18.3.2012 Népszabadság HU
Eltűnt a szlovák szélsőjobb? Mesežnikov Grigorij 14.3.2012 fn.hir24.hu HU
Mesežnikov: kár, hogy a Híd és az MKP képtelen szót érteni Mesežnikov Grigorij 12.3.2012 Új szó HU
És egyszeriben minden megváltozott… Bútora Martin 10.9.2011 Új szó HU
Jó az irány, de lassú a tempó Mesežnikov Grigorij 9.7.2011 Új szó HU
A gyoztes veresége Mesežnikov Grigorij 19.6.2010 Nepszabadsag HU
Kipucolt bal, színes jobb - Grigorij Meseznikov politológus a szlovákiai választásokról Mesežnikov Grigorij 30.5.2010 Magyar Narancs HU
Kisebbségek: mit javasolnak az ellenzéki pártok? Mesežnikov Grigorij 30.5.2010 ÚjSzó HU
Kisebbségek: mit javasolnak a kormánypártok? Mesežnikov Grigorij 22.5.2010 ÚjSzó HU
Magyar fejjel, szlovák szívvel, közép-európai lélekkel Földgömb, térkép Bútora Martin 23.5.2009 Új Szó HU
Zástavy vzbury a nenávisti Vašečka Michal 23.8.2002 Gazeta Wyborcza PL
A Sociedade Civil Duas Décadas Depois Bútora Martin 1.11.2012 Nova Cidadania PT
UE trebuie intai de toate sa ia in considerare perspectivele colaborarii cu tarile Parteneriatului Estic, indiferent de pozitia Rusiei Mesežnikov Grigorij 27.5.2015 europalibera.org RO
Люстрация: как это может быть в Беларуси и Украине Mesežnikov Grigorij 17.5.2016 charter97.org RU
Брюссель, Москва и Европейская Беларусь Mesežnikov Grigorij 5.5.2016 charter97.org RU
Страны Вышеграда и российско-украинская война: взгляд изнутри Mesežnikov Grigorij 12.4.2016 charter97.org RU
Евросоюз, Лукашенко и судьба белорусской демократии Mesežnikov Grigorij 12.2.2016 charter97.org RU
Выборы в Словакии Mesežnikov Grigorij 29.1.2016 ukrinform.ru RU
Евросоюз - Беларусь: Без права на ошибку Mesežnikov Grigorij 10.10.2015 charter97.org RU
Освобождение политзаключенных: много вопросов и один ответ Mesežnikov Grigorij 10.9.2015 charter97.org RU
В войне с Россией Запад должен переходить в контрнаступление Mesežnikov Grigorij 20.7.2015 charter97.org RU
Вышеград и Украина: особенности национальных подходов Mesežnikov Grigorij 13.11.2014 Ukrinform RU
заявления премьера по санкциям не отражаются на позиции государства Mesežnikov Grigorij 1.9.2014 Ukrinform RU
Слово Словакии, V-4 и российско-украинский конфликт Mesežnikov Grigorij 7.7.2014 ukrinform.ua RU
Словакия в вопросе реверсных поставок газа в Украину будет придерживаться позиции ЕС Mesežnikov Grigorij 10.6.2014 IVO RU
Политолог Григорий Месежников – о словацком реверсе Mesežnikov Grigorij 14.4.2014 svoboda.org RU
Российско-украинский конфликт, санкции ЕС и Словакия Mesežnikov Grigorij 10.4.2014 Ukrinform RU
Новый президент Словакии поддерживает Украину и осуждает РФ Mesežnikov Grigorij 1.4.2014 ukrinform.ua RU
Киска однозначно осуждает аннексию Крыма Mesežnikov Grigorij 1.4.2014 day.kiev.ua RU
Словаки на президентских выборах выступили против концентрации власти Mesežnikov Grigorij 24.3.2014 ukrinform.ua RU
Словaкия: прeдвыборнaя кaмпaния нa фонe крымской войны Mesežnikov Grigorij 13.3.2014 hvylya.org RU
СМЕР в Словакии: политический монолит для европейской страны Mesežnikov Grigorij 8.2.2014 ukrinform.ua RU
Občianska spoločnosť na Slovensku zvíťazila nad autoritárskymi tendenciami Mesežnikov Grigorij 15.1.2011 Profil RU
Diagnóza napravo od stredu Gyárfášová Oľga 25.2.2012 SME SK
Prekvapenia v medziach normy Gyárfášová Oľga 3.10.2006 Hospodárske noviny SK
Kríza neoslabila len dnešnú vládu, ale aj tú novú Bútora Martin 13.2.2006 Pravda SK
Запад давил на Украину, отговаривал вводить войска в Крым, надеясь, что все решится мирным путем Mesežnikov Grigorij 8.12.2016 gordonua.com UA
Гендерна нерівність в Україні та Словаччині: схожість в спадщині комунізму Gyárfášová Oľga 25.4.2016 povaha.org.ua UA
Вибори в Словаччині Mesežnikov Grigorij 29.1.2016 ukrinform.ua UA
Вышеградская четвёрка, Восточное партнёрство и Украина Mesežnikov Grigorij 11.10.2013 ukrinform.ua UA
Словакия при новом премьере: станет ли меньше энтузиазма в отношении Украины? Mesežnikov Grigorij 16.3.2012 UKRINFORM UA
Возвращение пророссийского премьера Mesežnikov Grigorij 13.3.2012 День UA
НАТО - Слов'янський вибір 25.6.2008 СПEЦКОР UA

Attitudes of representatives of institutions and politicians towards Russian aggression & public opinion on the war led by the Kremlin.

What encourages some actors to promote ties with a declining power with aggressive foreign policy and undemocratic regime?

Russia's war against Ukraine: A view from Slovakia
Who Is Playing Russian Roulette in Slovakia

V4 is primarily based on cooperation in the domain of politics. But how is it perceived by the inhabitants of individual countries? 

Factors that influence the country’s bilateral relations with EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe.

Visegrad Four as Viewed by the Public
Taiwanese-European Autumn 2021: A View from Slovakia

Study explores how antisemitism is related to various socio-demographic and attitudinal factors. Research was carried out in V4 countries in 2021.

Socio-economic aspect of migration, aspect of integration of migrants and refugees and domestic political aspect of migration in V4.

Survey on Antisemitic Prejudice in the Visegrád Countries
Phantom Menace. The Politics and Policies of Migration in Central Europe

Collection of analytical studies from experts from Great Britain, France, Norway, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Confronting the dark sides of the past and considering the participation of Christians in public life.

Conspiracy Theories in Europe
Tiso's Ghost in 2016 Slovakia
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