Sale Terms

1. How to order


You can order the products of the Institute for Public Affairs:

  • by phone at +421–2–5443 4030 
  • by e-mail: ip(at)ivo.sk
  • via internet store
  • by post mail or in person at the following address:

Institute for Public Affairs (Inštitút pre verejné otázky)

Baštová 5

811 03 Bratislava

Slovak Republic


2. Payment

The ordered merchandise can be paid for in the following ways:

  • in person at our address
  • by invoice:
    •  by electronic bank transfer based on proforma invoice
    •  by credit card via the internet

The prices of the merchandise are in Euro (€). Payment transactions made by credit card via the internet are also to be made in Euro. The price does not include the cost of delivery of the merchandise and packaging. The merchant hereby agrees to deliver the client merchandise for the price advertised at the time the merchandise is ordered. The prices of merchandise are subject to change.


3. Terms of Delivery

Means of Delivery and Fees:

The average period of expediting a mail order is between 3-5 business days, depending on the quantity and kind of merchandise ordered. In case of an extensive order, the merchandise is shipped as one package within the time period allotted for the delivery of the product with the longest expediting period. In such cases, it is necessary to allow additional time for the mail delivery.

The merchandise is primarily shipped via Slovak Post. The postal and handling fee is automatically added to the cost of the merchandise. The cost of the shipping and handling fee is dependent on the weight of the merchandise, in accordance with the tariffs applied by the Slovak Post.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to check at delivery that the packaging has not been damaged and indicate this on the delivery form. To eliminate the risk of complaints due to damaged merchandise caused by delivery, do not accept a delivery that appears to be damaged. The merchant assumes the responsibility for the product only after its acceptance by the buyer. The merchandise is considered to be received by the buyer from the moment the merchant allows the buyer or his/her representative to use the product. The buyer becomes the owner of the product only after making the payment for the product in full to the account of the merchant. Until this transfer of ownership right from the merchant to the buyer, it is the responsibility of the buyer to protect and store the merchandise, as stipulated by the civil code.


The Merchant (Institute for Public Affairs) agrees to the following terms:

  • To provide the right kind and quantity of merchandise in accordance to the advertised price, and in accordance to the customer's order
  • To provide the customer with an invoice as an official document for tax purposes
  • To package and expedite the ordered merchandise adequately
  • To protect the customer's personal data and under no circumstances make these available to any third parties; utilize this information only for the purposes of the internet store

The customer agrees to the following terms:

  • To accept the ordered merchandise
  • To pay the set price for the ordered merchandise

The Merchant is not responsible for the following:

  • Delayed delivery of the merchandise caused by the delivery service
  • Any damages to the merchandise caused by the delivery service
  • Cases in which the merchandise was not delivered due to limitations or cancellation of distribution rights to the merchandise or other unforeseeable problems


4. Cancellation of Order


The customer has the right after ordering the merchandise, as well as after i tis delivered to withdraw his/her order, as long as this is done within 14 days. If this right is applied, the contract is cancelled and the buyer has the responsibility to return the merchandise to the merchant if the merchandise was already shipped. It is the responsibility of the merchant to reimburse the buyer the full purchase price of the product (if the payment was made) within 15 days since the withdrawal from the contract. In case the merchandise was already shipped to the buyer, it is the responsibility of the merchant to reimburse the buyer the full purchase price within the 5 days since delivery of the product. The cost of the merchandise return is born by the buyer.


In line with the law on the protection of the customer applicable to mail-order sales, the buyer cannot withdraw from the contract, if the merchandise includes music CDs or other visual recordings, or a computer program, which was unwrapped by the buyer. Articles covered by this clause include also newspapers, magazines and other printed materials.


After the order has been sent (and payment was made), it is possible to cancel it in the following ways:

  • by phone by dialing +421–2–5443 4030 (1)
  • by e-mail: ipa@ivo.sk
  • in person at the premises of the Institute for Public Affairs

Payment reimbursement can be made in the following ways:

  • by a bank transfer (any fees are incurred by the client)
  • by a postal money order (only in Slovakia)
  • in cash, at the premises of the Institute for Public Affairs

5. Customer Service/Customer Complaints


Customer questions and complaints can be made:

  • over the phone by dialing: +421–2–5443 4030 (1)
  • by e-mail: ipa@ivo.sk 
  • in person at the premises of the Institute for Public Affairs

The returned merchandise must not contain other defects than those included in the initial complaint, and has to be accompanied by an invoice issued by the merchant.


Product Warranty:


To the merchandise which is sold by IVO, a warranty of minimum 24 months applies in accordance with the Laws of the Slovak Republic.


Return of merchandise can take place:

  • via mail
  • in person

The merchandise is to be returned in original packaging and cannot have damage other than that which was the reason for the return. It also has to have an invoice attached.


The Means of Reimbursement:

  • By electronic transfer to the account of the buye

The reimbursement covers the cost of merchandise only and does not include postage.

6. Protection of Personal Information

Information, which you provide us in the order form will be used only for the purpose of providing a specific service and will not be under any circumstances passed to third parties an/or used for commercial purposes.

7. Information About the Merchant

Institute for Public Affairs (Inštitút pre verejné otázky)
Baštová 5
811 03 Bratislava

Slovak Republic

E-mail: ipa@ivo.sk
Telephone: +421–2–5443 4030 (1)

Identification Statistics No.: 317 70 321

Tax No.: 2020 977 464

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