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news | 5.12.2012 | IVO
IVO president at a conference in Taipei
Speakers from Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Singapore and 8 EU countries discussed the issues of traditional and new security, the Euro crisis, social security, immigration, minority policy and Europe-Asia relations.

news | 26.11.2012 | IVO
Conference on the Role of Civil Society in European Integration Processes
International Center for Human Development (ICHD) organized an international conference in Yerevan.

news | 6.11.2012 | IVO
Martin Butora comments US presidential elections
According to IVO honorary president, the election campaign was missing big visions but it doesn’t mean that the battle was less attractive.

article | 6.11.2012 | IVO, Political Capital
Grigorij Mesežnikov's articles now on Deconspirator.com
Deconspirator.com has published an analysis of the context of the Slovak responses to the tragedy in Oslo and Utoya.

news | 25.10.2012 | IVO
Social Responsibility of the Media
Institute for Public Affairs, Slovak Donors Forum and International Press Institute Slovakia organized a panel discussion in Bratislava, an event within the FORUM 2000 conference.

news | 20.10.2012 | IVO
Martin Butora at the World Movement for Democracy Assembly in Peru
Honorary president of IVO at a workshop Enhancing the Policy impact of Democracy research.

news | 16.10.2012 | IVO
Quality of democracy in Slovakia: IVO BAROMETER in the third quarter of 2012
Institute for Public Affairs released its democracy barometer on Slovakia.

seminar | 27.9.2012 | IVO
Liberalism and Liberal Politics in Central Europe: Value and Cultural Ethical Issues
Institute for Public Affairs with the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party organized an international workshop in Bratislava.

news | 24.9.2012 | IVO
Discussion about the exhibition The Interrupted Song (Prerušená pieseň)
Foundation for Contemporary Slovak Arts and Cyprián Majerník Gallery organized discussion about exhibition The Interrupted Song installed by the Slovak National Gallery.

news | 19.9.2012 | IVO
Experts of the Institute for Public Affairs co-authored several publications released by international publishers
In 2012 IVO’s experts contributed to several international publications.

news | 13.9.2012 | IVO, GMF US
IVO - Partner of the Transatlantic Trends 2012
Presentation of a survey of opinions of the American and the European publics on the wide range of foreign-political issues in Bratislava.

conference | 12.9.2012 | IVO
Alternative politics? The rise of new political formations in Central Europe: reasons, factors, consequences
An international conference organized by the Institute for Public Affairs.

research | 23.7.2012 | IVO
Slovak Judiciary as Seen by the Public, Experts, and Judges
The fourth output of the IVO project.

news | 12.7.2012 | IVO
IVO BAROMETER in the second quarter of 2012: quality of democracy remained unchanged
Institute for Public Affairs released its democracy barometer on Slovakia.

news | 5.6.2012 | IVO
Defining the underlying weaknesses of liberal parties at a conference in Prague
IVO president at a conference in Czech Republic.

news | 23.5.2012 | IVO
Miroslav Kollár on the social responsibility of the media
Conference on corporate social responsibility organized by IVO, IPI and FD.

news | 16.5.2012 | IVO
A conference in Sofia on liberal politics in the realm of interethnic relations
Grigorij Mesežnikov at a workshop on liberal policies in Bulgaria.

news | 16.5.2012 | IVO
IVO BAROMETER: Quality of democracy in the 1st quarter-year of 2012: decline to 2,8
Institute for Public Affairs released its democracy barometer on Slovakia.

research | 2.5.2012 | IVO
Slovak Judiciary as Seen by the Public, Experts, and Judges
The third output of the IVO project.

news | 21.4.2012 | IVO
Political mobilization addressed at a conference in Wroclaw
IVO president attended a conference on liberal parties in Central Europe.

research | 28.3.2012 | IVO
Social Network Sites in Slovakia
IVO introduces results of representative survey on the usage of social network sites on the internet. The project was supported by Telecom Endowment Fund in co-operation with the Pontis Foundation.

research | 27.3.2012 |
Digital Literacy in Slovakia 2011
IVO's representative sociologic survey on population's digital skills available at IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

news | 7.3.2012 | IVO
IVO experts attended talks in Žilina
Oľga Gyárfášová and Grigorij Mesežnikov about the forthcoming early parliamentary elections.

news | 4.3.2012 | IVO
IVO analysts discussed the forthcoming elections in Prešov
Grigorij Mesežnikov a Oľga Gyárfášová attended two pre-election discussions.

news | 2.3.2012 | IVO
Work and Active Ageing in Public Perception
Zora Bútorová spoke at an international workshop.

news | 27.2.2012 | IVO
Grigorij Mesežnikov and Oľga Gyárfášová lectured at the Catholic University in Ružomberok
IVO analysts with the students and pedagogues at the Faculty of Philosophy.

news | 22.2.2012 | IVO
IVO experts in Komárno
About the political situation in Slovakia before the March parliamentary elections.

news | 19.2.2012 | IVO
Oľga Gyárfášová and Grigorij Mesežnikov on the discussion in Banská Bystrica
A discussion on the topic Slovak society before the election 2012: Where are we, where are we going?

news | 9.2.2012 | IVO
IVO BAROMETER at the end of 2011: The quality of democracy during the second half of the year has remained unchanged.
Institute for Public Affairs released its democracy barometer on Slovakia.

news | 3.2.2012 | IVO
IVO analysts contributed to the European publication about migration and integration
IVO analysts Oľga Gyárfášová, Martina Sekulová, and Miroslava Hlinčíková wrote a chapter for the EU-wide publication Opening the Door? Immigration and Integration in the European Union.

news | 18.1.2012 | IVO
Slovak Judiciary as Seen by the Public, Experts, and Judges
The second output of the IVO project.

news | 9.1.2012 | IVO, The Slovak Spectator
Grigorij Mesežnikov on Major Political Issues in 2012
The Slovak Spectator released an interview with IVO president.

news | 6.1.2012 | IVO
Martin Butora: Tribute to Vaclav Havel
His departure marks the end of an era.

news | 2.1.2012 | IVO
IVO is a Partner in the Ilko Kucheriv Democracy Partnership Program Fellowships
Institute for Public Affairs will host a Russian expert.

The key areas of the development of the country’s security and defence sector in 1993-2023.

Attitudes of representatives of institutions and politicians towards Russian aggression & public opinion.

Thirty Years of Slovak Security and Defence Policy
Russia's war against Ukraine: A view from Slovakia

V4 is primarily based on cooperation in the domain of politics. But how is it perceived by the inhabitants of individual countries? 

What encourages some actors to promote ties with a declining power with aggressive foreign policy and undemocratic regime?

Visegrad Four as Viewed by the Public
Who Is Playing Russian Roulette in Slovakia

Study explores how antisemitism is related to various socio-demographic and attitudinal factors. Research was carried out in V4 countries in 2021.

Factors that influence the country’s bilateral relations with EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe.

Survey on Antisemitic Prejudice in the Visegrád Countries
Taiwanese-European Autumn 2021: A View from Slovakia

Collection of analytical studies from experts from Great Britain, France, Norway, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Confronting the dark sides of the past and considering the participation of Christians in public life.

Conspiracy Theories in Europe
Tiso's Ghost in 2016 Slovakia
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