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news | 27.12.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Maia Sandu’s Undisputable Victory
Article on Moldova in Russian media.

news | 16.12.2020 | IVO
New article on pro-Kremlin narratives in Slovakia
Visegrad Insight with iSANS published an essay on pro-Kremlin narratives in Slovakia and their main disseminators.

news | 3.12.2020 | IVO
30 years of liberal democracy in Slovakia
IVO at the Košice Economic Forum.

news | 27.11.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Stuck in the Russian Web
Article on Serbia in Russian media.

news | 10.11.2020 | IVO
Infodemic 2020
A new study of Visegrad think tanks about performance of the disinformation-conspiracy scene during the COVID19.

news | 6.11.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Hiding the Russian Connection
Article on Slovakia in Russian media.

news | 14.10.2020 | IVO
Slovak elections '20. What change they brought
New IVO publication.

news | 13.10.2020 | IVO
New article on ЕU‘s and Russia’s policies towards Belarus
Visegrad Insight with iSANS published an essay on how EU and Russia are reacting to current developments in Belarus.

news | 1.10.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Time Will Tell
Article on Montenegro in Russian media.

news | 16.9.2020 | IVO
Authoritarian shadows in Europe
New analytical study.

news | 2.9.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Neither white nor red
Article on Belarus (Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine) in Russian media.

invitation | 25.8.2020 | IVO
„Authoritarian shadows. Malign influence in the European Parliament“
Online discussion.

news | 10.8.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Did Duda Win? No, It Is Only Zelensky, Merkel and Brussels Who Have Lost
Article on Poland in Russian media.

news | 12.7.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Too Many Spies
Article on Bulgaria in Russian media.

news | 1.7.2020 | IVO
New article on phantom battles over historic memory
Visegrad Insight with iSANS published an essay on how Russia is waging memory wars with Central European countries.

news | 20.6.2020 | IVO
100 days of the new government
Discussion in the club Under A Lamp.

news | 3.6.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Saving Konev with Ricin Poison?
Article on Czech Republic in Russian media.

article | 29.5.2020 | IWMpost
On post-electoral Slovakia
Article in new volume of IWMpost magazine.

news | 6.5.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Russia’s Best Friend?
Article on Hungary in Russian media.

news | 29.4.2020 | IVO
Slovakia: New Government, New Challenges
Discussion organized by the German Marshall Fund of the US.

news | 31.3.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: A Friend Lost?
Article on Slovakia in Russian media.

project | 31.3.2020 |
Slovak parliamentary elections 2020
This portal focuses on analyzes, comments, interviews and articles by IVO analysts on the 2020 parliamentary elections in the Slovak Republic.

news | 25.3.2020 | IVO
Migration policy in the context of globalization
Online conference in Uzhgorod.

news | 12.3.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: Struggle for the Present
Article on Czech Republic in Russian media.

news | 11.3.2020 | IVO
On the rule of law in the process of European integration and democratization
At the Think Tank Forum in Skopje.

news | 28.2.2020 | IVO
Responses to crisis of liberalism
Roundtable in IWM, Vienna.

news | 21.2.2020 | IVO
Democrats, national populists and extremists in the Slovak parliamentary elections 2020
Public forum in Bratislava.

news | 20.2.2020 | IVO
Visegrad Insight: The Victim Becomes the Perpetrator
Article on Poland in Russian media.

project | 1.1.2020 |
Central Europe in the mirror of Russian media

The key areas of the development of the country’s security and defence sector in 1993-2023.

Attitudes of representatives of institutions and politicians towards Russian aggression & public opinion.

Thirty Years of Slovak Security and Defence Policy
Russia's war against Ukraine: A view from Slovakia

V4 is primarily based on cooperation in the domain of politics. But how is it perceived by the inhabitants of individual countries? 

What encourages some actors to promote ties with a declining power with aggressive foreign policy and undemocratic regime?

Visegrad Four as Viewed by the Public
Who Is Playing Russian Roulette in Slovakia

Study explores how antisemitism is related to various socio-demographic and attitudinal factors. Research was carried out in V4 countries in 2021.

Factors that influence the country’s bilateral relations with EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe.

Survey on Antisemitic Prejudice in the Visegrád Countries
Taiwanese-European Autumn 2021: A View from Slovakia

Collection of analytical studies from experts from Great Britain, France, Norway, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Confronting the dark sides of the past and considering the participation of Christians in public life.

Conspiracy Theories in Europe
Tiso's Ghost in 2016 Slovakia
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