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news | 27.12.2018 | IVO
Discussion about year 2018 in Blue Salon of the Slovak National Theater
The finished “eighth” year reflected by political scientist, lawyer – activist and journalist.

news | 27.12.2018 | IVO
Reflection of year of protests in a new book released by N Press
Meetings of readers and authors.

news | 24.11.2018 | IVO
Country in the “8“-year of changes
Public discussion in Bratislava.

news | 20.11.2018 | IVO
Slovakia in 2018
Discussion on changes in the country at the Central European Forum in Banská Bystrica.

news | 1.11.2018 | IVO
Civic co-existence and democracy against extremism
Public discussion in Dunajská Streda.

news | 27.10.2018 | IVO
On current developments in Slovakia and Central Europe
Discussion with young experts from the Austrian think tank PONTO.

news | 22.10.2018 | IVO
On EU-Taiwan cooperation and the situation in East Asia and the Pacific
European experts in Taiwan.

news | 12.10.2018 | IVO
Media freedom, information conflicts and democracy in Slovakia
Public discussion in Trenčín.

news | 28.9.2018 | IVO
Direct democracy in Slovakia and Switzerland: potential and challenges
Discussion at the conference.

news | 25.9.2018 | IVO
The attitudes of young people in Central Europe to politics, democracy and integration
Presentation of research study in Bratislava.

news | 20.9.2018 | IVO
The role of civic activism for the democratic future of Slovakia
Public discussion in Košice.

news | 18.9.2018 | IVO
Youth, Slovakia and Europe
Public discussion in Žilina.

news | 7.9.2018 | IVO
Occupation of Czechoslovakia 1968 – 50 years after
Conference in the European Parliament.

news | 26.8.2018 | IVO
Institute for Public Affairs mourns for Senator John McCain
IVO reacts to death of outstanding American politician.

news | 20.8.2018 | IVO
Statement of the Institute for Public Affairs on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of August 21, 1968
We appreciate the bravery of hundreds of thousands of citizens who on August 21, 1968 and in the following days went to the streets and squares of Slovak and Czech cities to resist the prevailing occupation forces.

news | 19.8.2018 | IVO
Slovakia, Europe and the world: half-century after August 1968
Public discussion in Prešov.

news | 16.8.2018 | IVO
Czechoslovakia’s Year 1968: View from Ukraine and Russia
Discussion in Art Gallery Umelka.

news | 12.8.2018 | IVO
The campaign was launched that explains young people in Slovakia the events in August 1968.

news | 19.7.2018 | IVO
Screening of documentary film about Oleg Sentsov
Solidarity with imprisoned Ukrainian film maker.

news | 3.7.2018 | IVO
Study of IVO analysts on current developments in Slovakia
Journal of Democracy published the article written by Grigorij Mesežnikov and Oľga Gyárfášová.

news | 28.6.2018 | IVO
Seminar on myths on socialism and social state
What feeds myths about the past in Slovakia.

news | 16.6.2018 | IVO
Fateful „eights“ in historic consciousness of the Slovak and Czech public
Presentation of results of sociological research in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic

news | 15.6.2018 | IVO
Presentation of the OSCE/ODIHR publication about fight against antisemitism and security of Jewish communities
IVO at the OSCE/ODIHR event.

news | 11.6.2018 | IVO
International TV festival Golden Beggar in Košice
Discussions with political analysts, historians and journalists.

news | 7.6.2018 | IVO
On Soviet invasion in August 1968 and its contemporary echoes
Discussion of political scientists in Bratislava.

news | 4.6.2018 | IVO
On citizens’ opinion about transformation of Slovak society
IVO president at the international conference dedicated to John Harsanyi.

news | 27.5.2018 | IVO
About freedom of media, fake news and disinformation campaigns
Discussion of the Association of European Journalists in Bratislava.

news | 25.5.2018 | IVO
On the future of democracy in Visegrad countries
International conference in Budapest.

news | 13.5.2018 | IVO
The conference “European Union, Democracy and Civil Society“ in Bratislava
Joint event of the Institute of European Democrats, the Institute for Public Affairs and the Pan-European University.

news | 3.5.2018 | IVO
On the current political situation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Discussion in the framework of the project Pátečníci in Prague.

news | 24.4.2018 | IVO
About the current China’s presence in Central Europe
International conference in Bratislava.

news | 24.4.2018 | IVO
Research of political attitudes of youth
The newest findings from sociological survey.

news | 26.3.2018 | IVO
On security situation in Slovakia and Central Europe
Seminar on security issues in Central Europe and civil – military relations.

news | 28.2.2018 |
Possible Maximum? 25 years of independent Czech and Slovak foreign policy
New publication of the Institute for Public Affairs (Bratislava), the Association for International Affairs (Prague) and the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

news | 27.2.2018 |
Discussion on the influence of authoritarian states
Presentation of results of the analytical project in the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

news | 23.2.2018 |
Presentations of the new publication of IVO, AMO and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in Bratislava and Banska Bystrica
Introduction of the book on 25 years of independent Czech and Slovak foreign policy.

news | 16.2.2018 |
Increasing knowledge about NATO among Belarusians
International expert conference in Warsaw.

news | 27.1.2018 |
Discussion with Howard Dean in Bratislava
Meeting with a leading American politician.

news | 20.1.2018 |
Public debate on civic participation in Prague.
IVO president at public discussion about active citizenship organized by STEM Institute.

V4 is primarily based on cooperation in the domain of politics. But how is it perceived by the inhabitants of individual countries? 

The key areas of the development of the country’s security and defence sector in 1993-2023.

V4 at the Time of Polycrisis. Public Perception
Thirty Years of Slovak Security and Defence Policy

Attitudes of representatives of institutions and politicians towards Russian aggression & public opinion.

What encourages some actors to promote ties with a declining power with aggressive foreign policy and undemocratic regime?

Russia's war against Ukraine: A view from Slovakia
Who Is Playing Russian Roulette in Slovakia

Study explores how antisemitism is related to various socio-demographic and attitudinal factors. Research was carried out in V4 countries in 2021.

Factors that influence the country’s bilateral relations with EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe.

Survey on Antisemitic Prejudice in the Visegrád Countries
Taiwanese-European Autumn 2021: A View from Slovakia

Collection of analytical studies from experts from Great Britain, France, Norway, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Confronting the dark sides of the past and considering the participation of Christians in public life.

Conspiracy Theories in Europe
Tiso's Ghost in 2016 Slovakia
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