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news | 27.12.2013 | IVO
Conspiratorial mindset in the age of transition
New analytical paper as a result of teamwork of experts from the UK, Hungary and Slovakia.

news | 23.12.2013 | IVO
The impact of European integration on democratic transformation of Slovakia and Ukraine
IVO and PASOS published study written by Maria Zolkina, expert of the Kiev-based think tank Democratic Initiatives Foundation.

news | 6.12.2013 | IVO
International conference on current issues of the world economy and politics
IVO president spoke at the conference in Smolenice.

book | 5.12.2013 | IVO
New IVO book: The Fourth Dimension of the Third Age. Ten Chapters on Active Ageing
The authors of the publication offer a sociological perspective to help better understanding of the importance of active ageing in Slovakia.

news | 4.12.2013 | IVO
Twenty years of reforms in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia
IVO on a conference organized by Civic Institute (Prague) in Čejkovice.

news | 3.12.2013 | IVO
Bridges of Tolerance in Bratislava
Public debate on roots and features of contemporary anti-Semitism.

news | 29.11.2013 | IVO
Poland and Slovakia after 25 years of systemic transformation
Institute for Public Affairs and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland organized a panel discussion in Bratislava.

news | 27.11.2013 | IVO
Conference on the enemies of freedom in Budapest
Event organized by think-tank Political Capital Institute and magazine Szombat.

news | 31.10.2013 | IVO
IVO comments on parliamentary elections and negotiations about new government
IVO experts follow current developments in the Czech Republic.

news | 31.10.2013 | IVO
About electoral law in Slovakia
IVO experts participated on a panel discussion How electoral system effects political and social reality?

news | 23.10.2013 | IVO
IVO BAROMETER: Quality of democracy in the third quarter of 2013
Institute for Public Affairs released its democracy barometer on Slovakia.

article | 22.10.2013 | IVO
Conspiracy ideas in Slovakia. A new article on Deconspirator.com
An analysis carried out by the president of the Institute for Public Affairs Grigorij Mesežnikov.

news | 16.10.2013 | IVO
Seminar on new political parties in Prague
Discussion of IVO analysts with colleagues from V4 countries.

news | 12.10.2013 | IVO
Visegrad Group, Eastern Partnership and Ukraine
Commentary for Ukrainian agency UKRINFORM on Visegrad group countries‘ stances before the EU summit in Vilnius.

book | 1.10.2013 | IVO
New IVO Book: From Where To Where. Twenty Years of Independence
Sixty-one authors of the book deal with developments encountered by Slovak and Czech societies after division of Czechoslovakia.

interview | 30.9.2013 | The Slovak Spectator
IVO sociologist comments on upcoming regional (VÚC) elections
An interview with The Slovak Spectator.

news | 29.9.2013 | IVO
Oľga Gyárfášová and Grigorij Mesežnikov co-authors of a book about right-wing and national populist parties in Europe
Centre for European Studies (CES) and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) released their new publication Exposing the Demagogues.

news | 26.9.2013 | IVO
Visit of Cuban activists in IVO
A debate about human rights, democracy and reforms.

article | 26.9.2013 | IVO
Article on "Hungarian threat" as conspiracy stereotype
Deconspirator.com has published new analysis written by IVO president Grigorij Mesežnikov.

news | 11.9.2013 | IVO
Invitation: FORUM 2000 panel discussion in Bratislava
Institute for Public Affairs (IVO) and FORUM 2000 invite you to the panel discussion "Slovak Path": Lessons for Democrats (and Autocrats).

article | 21.8.2013 | IVO
Two new IVO articles: On the demand for right-wing extremist politics and on the public opinion survey on conspiracy theories
New analyses published on Deconspirator.com carried out by the IVO president Grigorij Mesežnikov and sociologist Oľga Gyárfášová.

news | 1.8.2013 | IVO
In Tbilisi about social reforms and European integration
IVO president took part in international conference on the European future of South Caucasus.

news | 22.7.2013 | IVO
IVO Barometer: The quality of democracy in Slovakia for the first two quarters of 2013
Institute for Public Affairs released its democracy barometer on Slovakia.

news | 17.6.2013 | IVO
Debate on politics and media
IVO president took part in the International Festival of Local Televisions in Košice.

news | 27.5.2013 | IVO
About the crisis and social-economic reforms in Budapest
IVO president at international workshop.

news | 27.5.2013 | IVO
Lecture-seminar course delivered by IVO experts at the Faculty of Education of János Selye University in Komárno
Institute for Public Affairs realized a project called IVO expertise for improvement of the content of university education.

news | 1.5.2013 | IVO
Think-tanks and public policies in Slovakia
Seminar about the role of independent analytical centers in public policies.

publication | 29.4.2013 | IVO, ALDE
New publications on liberal politics and liberal policies in Central Europe
IVO’s experts contributed to the publication.

book | 17.4.2013 | IVO
Slovakia 2012. Trends in Quality of Democracy
The Institute for Public Affairs has issued a new book in English.

news | 16.4.2013 | IVO
IVO experts on the press conference on the election results
Presentation of a recent publication of the Institute of Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

news | 8.4.2013 | IVO
Levoča forum on clean politics
IVO president spoke about fight against corruption and clientelism in politics and enforcement of principles of transparency in public life.

presentation | 4.4.2013 | IVO
Presentation of book "Alternative Politics" in Bratislava
Institute for Public Affairs introduced its new publication.

book | 3.4.2013 | IVO
Alternative Politics? The Rise of New Political Parties in Central Europe
New book by the Institute for Public Affairs.

publication | 2.4.2013 | IVO
Democratization and civil society development in Taiwan
Grigorij Mesežnikov’s study on remarkable experience in an East Asian country.

news | 18.3.2013 | IVO, The Slovak Spectator
The wartime Slovak state in the collective memory of Slovak society
New survey reveals ignorance of Holocaust.

15.3.2013 |
IVO experts are co-authors of the publication about Slovak parliamentary elections 2012
Book of the Institute of Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) on early parliamentary elections.

article | 26.2.2013 | IVO, SGI News
Eastern Europe's Path to Democracy – an article by Oľga Gyárfášová at SGI News
SGI News portal released an article written by IVO sociologist.

news | 25.2.2013 | IVO
Debate on the state of democracy in Theater Ticho a spol.
Grigorij Meseznikov in Ľuba Lesná’s talk-show.

news | 20.2.2013 | IVO
In Brussels on liberal politics in Central Europe
IVO's president on the conference in Free University Brussels.

news | 15.2.2013 | IVO
PASOS opens call for Ilko Kucheriv Democracy Fellowship Programme
Mentoring, networking opportunities and assisting the advancement of democratic practices.

news | 9.2.2013 | IVO
IVO president in Yerevan
Slovak experiences as an object of study for Armenian NGO.

article | 6.2.2013 | IVO
EU as a tool of global conspiracy? A new article on Deconspirator.com
An analysis carried out by the president of the Institute for Public Affairs Grigorij Mesežnikov.

news | 2.2.2013 | IVO
Colloquium in Paris about 20 years after the split of Czechoslovak federation
IVO president participated in colloquium about the impacts of Czechoslovakia’s break-up.

news | 22.1.2013 | IVO
Quality of democracy in Slovakia: IVO BAROMETER in the fourth quarter of 2012 – overall grade 2.8
Institute for Public Affairs released its democracy barometer on Slovakia.

news | 1.1.2013 | IVO
IVO experts on the 20th anniversary of independent Slovakia and Czech Republic
At the beginning of 2013, some media have published results of a sociological research made by the Institute for Public Affairs.

The key areas of the development of the country’s security and defence sector in 1993-2023.

Attitudes of representatives of institutions and politicians towards Russian aggression & public opinion.

Thirty Years of Slovak Security and Defence Policy
Russia's war against Ukraine: A view from Slovakia

V4 is primarily based on cooperation in the domain of politics. But how is it perceived by the inhabitants of individual countries? 

What encourages some actors to promote ties with a declining power with aggressive foreign policy and undemocratic regime?

Visegrad Four as Viewed by the Public
Who Is Playing Russian Roulette in Slovakia

Study explores how antisemitism is related to various socio-demographic and attitudinal factors. Research was carried out in V4 countries in 2021.

Factors that influence the country’s bilateral relations with EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe.

Survey on Antisemitic Prejudice in the Visegrád Countries
Taiwanese-European Autumn 2021: A View from Slovakia

Collection of analytical studies from experts from Great Britain, France, Norway, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Confronting the dark sides of the past and considering the participation of Christians in public life.

Conspiracy Theories in Europe
Tiso's Ghost in 2016 Slovakia
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