Phantom Menace. The Politics and Policies of Migration in Central Europe

Institute for Public Affairs and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Prague office, introduced their new book Phantom Menace. The Politics and Policies of Migration in Central Europe. It contains 12 chapters dealing with migration issue in the V4 countries. The authors are experts from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

KThe crisis of the EU’s refugee and asylum policy has polarized societies and turned political discourse upside down across Europe. Despite the presence of migration in the discourse of politicians, media and the general public in recent years, there is a persistent lack of facts and detailed information about the life situations and motivations of newcomers to Europe. The escalating political debate and harshly rejectionist positions of the governments of all four Visegrad countries with respect to receiving refugees was one reason to undertake this study. With this book the Institute for Public Affairs and the Heinrich Böll Foundation aim to contribute to a fact-based debate on the politics and policies of migration in Central Europe.

Authors analyze issue of migration in three dimensions:

  •  socio-economic aspect of migration,
  •  aspect of integration of migrants and refugees,
  •  domestic political aspect of migration and refugee issue.


Phantom Menace. The Politics and Policies of Migration in Central Europe [pdf]

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