On migration, extremism, war, V4 and the media at the Golden Beggar Festival in Košice

On the 17th of June 2016, Grigorij Mesežnikov participated in the international festival of the local TV broadcasters The Golden Beggar in Košice. It was the 22nd annual event, organised by the City TV Foundation (Košice). In addition to the competitive exhibition of films and TV programs (over 300 competition entries from 49 countries worldwide) the panel discussions and workshops were also a part of the festival.

IVO president took part in discussions within two thematic panels and two workshops. He also presented the results of the IVO research project about perception and understanding of the Visegrad cooperation by citizens of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

The program and the contents of the panel discussions and workshops can be found on the website festival.sk.

Together with G. Mesežnikov, the following participants took part in a discussion: Vladimir Barović from University of Novi Sad (Serbia), Vladimir Djordjević from Media and Reform Center Nis, and Michel Bourdier from Alliance Française (France). The discussion was moderated by the journalist and publicist Samo Kolar (Slovakia). The participants of the panels and workshops focused mainly on the role of the media in the processing of topics such as military conflicts and terrorism, migration and coexistence of people belonging to the different ethnic and religious communities. 





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