Student Elections 2014

Supported by: Embassy of the U.S.A. in Bratislava, Nadácia Intenda (Intenda Foundation), Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia

Project Span: January – December 2014

Project team: Miroslav Kollár (project manager), Ján Bartoš (project coordinator)

Objective: The aim of the project is to increase the level of public information and raise awareness about the functioning of the fundamental democratic principles and electoral system in Slovakia within the target group of high school students aged 15-18, draw them into the public square and increase their civic engagement through the model elections (of the President of Slovakia, elections to the European Parliament and the municipal elections) and to help increase electoral turnout among first-time voters in elections in Slovakia.

In 2014, Institute for Public Affairs have organized three nationwide Student Mock Election (Presidential in March, European in May and Municipal in November). 

Student Elections 2014 in numbers:

Number of schools -
electoral committees 
  Presidential   53    14 027    7 644 54.5%
European 62 13 498 6 175 45.8%
Municipal 72 18 575 9 603 51.7%
total 187 46 100 23 422 50.8%

Number of participating schools: 100
Number of participating cities: 48
Number of volunteers in school election committees: circa 500

Outputs - election results: 

Results of Presidential Mock Elections 2014
Results of European Parliament Mock Elections 2014

Results of Municipal Mock Elections 2014

Project webpage - www.studentskevolby.sk

Project partners:

- Nadácia Intenda (Intenda Foundation)

- Embassy of the U.S.A. in Bratislava

- Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia


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