The 1998 Parliamentary Elections and Democratic Rebirth in Slovakia

Bútora Martin, Bútorová Zora, Fisher Sharon, Mesežnikov Grigorij

Bútora Daniel, Bútora Martin, Bútorová Zora, Demeš Pavol, Druker Jeremy, Gyárfášová Oľga, Kollár Miroslav, Krivý Vladimír, Kúska Miroslav, Lebovič Peter, Malová Darina, Mesežnikov Grigorij, Porubjak Martin, Szomolányi Soňa, Sándor Eleonóra, Vašečka Michal, Velšic Marián, Vystavil Martin, Školkay Andrej

IVO, Bratislava, 1999


This publication covers various aspects of the pivotal Slovak Parliamentary elections of 1998. Nearly two dozen authors explore topics ranging from domestic policy affairs, to the role of minorities. The book is broken into five sections. Section one explores the domestic and foreign political aspects of the elections. Section two examines the media, political communication, and the campaigns themselves. Part three looks at influential non-party campaign actors. Part four analyses various aspects of public opinion. The final section explores the role and influence of minorities in this monumental election. The book compliments in-depth text with pictures, diagrams, campaign slogans, and other sources of information about the election process. It is intended primarily for experts, but can be easily understood by the amateur reader as well.

Product details
 Number of pages   275
 Format   paperback
 ISBN   80-88935-06-7

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