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This portal focuses on analyzes, comments, interviews and articles by IVO analysts on the 2020 parliamentary elections in the Slovak Republic.


Grigorij Mesežnikov (analysis): 
Political Earthquake in the Shadow of Coronavirus
IWMpost, no. 125 spring / summer 2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov (analysis): 
Slovak Elections 2020: Unexpected Implications of the Expected Victory
www.europesfutures.eu, 25.3.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov (analysis): 
A political map of Slovakia two years after the tragedy of the murder of Ján and Martina
https://www.boell.de, 11.3.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov speaks for the Robert Schuman Foundation:
The Slovaks want change and above all action against corruption
www.robert-schuman.eu, 3.3.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov speaks for The Slovak Spectator:
Voters opted for Matovič, because in their view he was finally the one capable of defeating Fico
spectator.sme.sk, 2.3.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov speaks for The Slovak Spectator:
His most typical characteristic is that he is unpredictable
spectator.sme.sk, 1.3.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov speaks for The Slovak Spectator:
When its support started to rise, people understood there was a chance that by supporting them
spectator.sme.sk, 1.3.2020

Oľga Gyárfášová speaks for Financial Times:
Those people who wanted to protest seem to have voted for Matovič
FT, 1.3.2020

Oľga Gyárfášová and Grigorij Mesežnikov speak for Al Jazeera:
Crucial election that decides which way Slovakia will head
aljazeera.com, 1.3.2020

Oľga Gyárfášová speak for Associated Press:
This was a clear vote against corruption practices of the ruling party
AP, 1.3.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov speaks for the Bloomberg News:
Public pressure to make a deal and oust Smer will be enormous
Bloomberg News, 29.3.2020


Grigorij Mesežnikov speaks for AFP news agency:
The double murder has reconfigured the entire political scene
AFP, 29.2.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov speaks for AFP news agency:
The most likely scenario is the creation of a centre-right, pro-democracy oriented government coalition
AFP, 29.2.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov speak for Al Jazeera:
Far-right - and some mainstream parties - were using xenophobic rhetoric against Muslim migrants,
aljazeera.com, 28.2.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov speak for Associated Press:
My prognosis is that Smer won’t be in the government
AP, 28.2.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov:
Why Slovakia’s elections matter
euractiv.com, 28.2.2020

Grigorij Mesežnikov speaks for the Balkan Insight
Kotleba-LSNS party is naturally extremely active on social networks
Balkan Insight, 26.2.2020

Oľga Gyárfášová:
Explaining the popularity of the extreme right in Slovakia
Friends of Europe, 11.2.2020


Public forum "Democrats, national populists and extremists in the Slovak parliamentary elections 2020"
Panel discussion in Goethe Institute in Bratislava, 20.2.2020

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