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Visegrad Insight: Russia’s Best Friend?

Article on Hungary in Russian media. 

Russia’s Best Friend? 

The way Russian pro-governmental media approached Hungary’s stand-off with the EU in the time of COVID-19 is in line with the outlets’ long-term attitude towards Hungary. They describe it as the most Russia-appeasing of all EU member states; as an advocate of close economic cooperation with Russia, a strong critic of European sanctions against Russia, as a champion for its own sovereignty against an unjust Brussels, and as Russia’s ally in its conflict with Ukraine. Ordinary readers in Russia thus may form the impression that Hungary is a state with a clearly pro-Russian foreign policy and a domestic policy very similar to that of Russia. They may, therefore, wonder why Hungary is a member of the EU and NATO at all if it has such serious disputes with its Western allies and such friendly relations with Russia? However, Russian pro-government journalists do not concern themselves with these questions and do not suggest any answers to them... (Visegrad Insight, May 2020)

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