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The Liberal Parties in Central and Eastern Europe: Weakness and Potential

Supported by: European Liberal Democratic and Reform Party (ELDR).

Project span: January 2012 – November 2012.

Project team: Grigorij Mesežnikov (project leader), Oľga Gyárfášová, Zora Bútorová.

Partners: Free University (Brussels), University of Wroclaw (Wroclaw), New Bulgarian University (Sofia), Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University (Prague), Babes Bolyai University (Cluj Napoca).

Objective: The aim of international comparative project is to map the factors, influencing positions of the parties of liberal orientation, level of their electoral support, coalition strategies, organizational structure, outcomes of their activities as ruling parties. Project activities include the elaboration of analysis of the state of liberal milieu, the role of non-party actors and media, study of liberal discourse.

Project is comprised from three components:

1. working out of the comprehensive analytical studies on liberal party politics and liberal milieu in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland,
2. conducting of the qualitative surveys (structured interviews, focus groups) about perception of liberalism and liberal politics,
3. series of conferences and workshops on topics related to policies of liberal parties in Central and Eastern Europe.

Outputs - conferences:
Conference in Wroclaw 
Workshop in Sofia
Workshop in Prague
Workshop in Bratislava
Conference in Brussel

Outputs - publications:
The Liberal Parties in Central and Eastern Europe: Weakness and Potential

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Historical, political and ideological aspects of the right-wing extremism in central Europe.

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The Visegrad States’ Reactions to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict. Publication of four European think tanks and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

Analysis shall serve as a source of information for media, media associations, as well as legislators and the executive.

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The study analyses the perception of EU membership by voters of right and liberal political parties.

The study maps the key milestones, successes and dilemmas of the third sector.

Voters of center-right parties in Slovakia and the EU membership
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