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Oľga Gyárfášová
Senior Research Fellow

CV abstract

Oľga Gyárfášová, graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the Comenius University, Bratislava, with a degree in sociology. From 1993 worked as a researcher and analyst at the FOCUS research agency. In March 1999 she was appointed a 'Public Opinion and Political Culture' Program Director at the Institute for Public Affairs. Focuses on research in the area of public opinion, political culture, and gender studies. Has co-authored a number of publications and studies, i.e.: She and He in Slovakia: Gender Issues in Public Opinion (1996); Slovakia before Elections: People – Opinions – Context (1998); Democracy and Discontent in Slovakia: A Public Opinion Profile of a Country in Transition (1998); The 1998 Parliamentary Elections and Democratic Rebirth in Slovakia (1999), The Country in Motion (2001). She is a founding member of the Institute for Public Affairs and a member of its Board of Trustees.



  • research of citizens' political positions
  • electoral behavior
  • political culture
  • gender studies
  • equality of opportunity issues in Slovakia

Work History

  • program director and analyst, Institute for Public Affairs, from 1999
  • lecturer, Dept. of Political Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, from 1998
  • lecturer, Center for European Studies, Comenius University, 1999 - 2000
  • project manager, FOCUS Agency, Center for Social and Market Analysis, 1994 – 1999
  • analyst, Center for Social Analysis, Comenius University, 1990 – 1991
  • project assistant, Sociological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, 1989 – 1990
  • project assistant, Institute for Studies in Journalism, 1982 – 1989


  • Ph. D. candidacy, Dept. of Political Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, 2000 – 2004
  • Ph. Dr., sociology, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University
  • M. A., sociology, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, 1976 – 1980

Fellowships and Educational Programs

  • Reagan-Fascell fellowship, National Endowment for Democracy, Washington, D.C., March 2003 – July 2003
  • European Institute, Florence, October 1999
  • Lise-Meitner Stipend, Center for Applied Research in Political Sciences, Vienna, 1993 – 1994
  • Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna, 1992

Media Collaboration

Electronic Media
: TA3, TV Markíza, STV, Slobodná Európa, Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Twist, Rádio Expres, BBC Bratislava

Periodical Press
: Sme, Národná obroda, Pravda, Hospodárske noviny, ÚJ SZÓ, Mosty, Formát, Stratégie

International Media
: APA a ORF (Austria), Mladá Fronta Dnes a ČTK (Czech Republic)

Selected Publications

  • Gyárfášová, O.: Political Parties and Societies – Public Perception and Main Trends in Electoral Behavior. In: Gyárfášová, O. - Mesežnikov, G. (eds.) Party Government in Slovakia: Experience and Perspectives. Bratislava. Institute for Public Affairs, 2004, p. 113 - 126.

  • Gyárfášová, O. Slovak “Isolationistic Soul”: What Do We Know About the Public Views and What They Mean for Media and Politicians. In: Gyárfášová, O. - Mesežnikov, G. (eds.): Slovakia in the Draft. Cultural and Ethical Challenges and the New Nature of Disputes after Accession to the EU. 2004. Bratislava. Institute for Public Affairs, 2004, p. 77-86.

  • Gyárfášová, O.: Voting Behavior. In: Mesežnikov, G. - Gyárfášová, O., and Kollár, M. (eds.) [Slovak Elections 2002. Results, Consequences, Context]. Bratislava. Institute for Public Affairs 2003.

  • Gyárfášová, O.: Volebné správanie [Voting Behavior] In: Mesežnikov, G.- Gyárfášová, O., and Kollár. M. (eds.): Slovenské voľby 2002 – výsledky, dôsledky, súvislosti [Slovak Elections 2002. Results, Consequences, Context]. Bratislava: Institute for Public Affairs 2003.

  • Gyárfášová, O. - Velšic, M.: Verejná mienka [Public Opinion] In: Mesežnikov, G. and Kollár. M. (eds.) Slovensko 2002. Súhrnná správa o stave spoločnosti Bratislava [Slovakia 2002. A Global Report on the State of Society]: Institute for Public Affairs 2002.
  • Gyárfášová, O. - Krivý, V. - Velšic, M.: Krajina v pohybe. Správa o politických názoroch a hodnotách ľudí na Slovensku. [A Country in Motion. Report on Political Views and Values of People in Slovakia]. Bratislava: Institute for Public Affairs 2001.
  • Zemanovičová, D. - Gyárfášová, O.: Slowakei. In: Hortense Hoerburger (ed.) Einfahrtstrasse EU Erweiterung? Unsere Nachbarn melden sich zum Wort. Hans Boechler Stiftung 2001.
  • Gyárfášová, O.: From Defense Against the 'Others' to the Formulation of its own interests. In: Drulák, Petr (ed.) National and European Identities in EU Enlargement.
    Prague: IIR 2001.
  • Krivý, V. - Gyárfášová, O.: The Relationship of the Slovak Public to the North Atlantic Alliance – Value and Attitude Contexts. In: Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs, Fall 2001, pp. 27-39.
  • Gyárfášová, O.: Verejnosť a európska integrácia. [The Public and European Integration] In: Sýkora, P. (ed.) Európska integrácia – Úvod [European Intergration - Introduction]. Cener for European Studies, Comenius University. Bratislava 2000.
  • Zemanovičová, D. - Gyárfášová, O.: Korupcia na Slovensku z hľadiska spravovania vecí verejných. [Corruption in Slovakia from the Perspective of Public Administration]. CPHR, TI – Slovakia, Bratislava, 2000.
  • Gyárfášová, O.: The Slovakian National Party. In: Amesberger, H.-Halbmayer, B. (eds.) Rechtsextremeparteien- eine moegliche Heimat fuer Frauen? Institut fuer Konfliktforschung. Wien, February 2000.
  • Gyárfášová, O.- Kúska, M.: The Development of Voting Preferences and Voting Behaviour. In: Slovak Elections ´98. Bútora, M.-Mesežnikov, G.- Bútorová, Z. (eds.). Bratislava, Institute for Public Affairs 1999.
  • Gyárfášová, O.- Kúska, M.- Velšic, M.: First-time Voters and the 1998 Elections. In: Slovak Elections ´98. Bútora, M.-Mesežnikov, G.- Bútorová, Z. (Eds.). Bratislava, Institute for Public Affairs 1999.
  • Bútorová, Z. – Filadelfiová, J. – Guráň, P. - Gyárfášová, O.- Farkašová, K.: Gender Issues in Slovakia. In: Mesežnikov, G. – Ivantyšyn, M. – Nicholson, T. (eds.): Slovakia 1998-99 – Global Report on the State of Society. Institute for Public Affairs, Bratislava 1999.
  • Bútorová, Z. - Gyárfášová, O.: Social Climate Three Years After the 1994 Elections. In: Bútorová, Z. (Ed.): Democracy and Discontent in Slovakia: A Public Opinion Profile of Country in Transition. Institute for Public Affairs, Bratislava 1998.
  • Gyárfášová, O.: Die Slowakei auf dem Weg zur Demokratie und Marktwirtschaft, in: Peter Gerlich (Hg.): Österreichs Nachbaarstaaten. Signum Verlag Wien 1997.
  • Gyárfášová, O.: Slovakia After the Split: Dilemmas of the New Citizenship. In: Ander Liebich, Daniel Warner (Eds.): Citizenship East and West. Kegan Paul International, London and New York, 1995.
  • Bútora, M.- Bútorová, Z. - Gyárfášová, O.: From Velvet Revolution to Velvet Divorce Reflections on Slovakia's Independence. In: J.M.Kovács (Ed.): Transition to Capitalism? The Communist Legacy in Eastern Europe. Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick 1994.

Other Activities

  • member of the Board of Trustees, SPACE Foundation
  • lecturer at the Dept. of Political Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, subject: Public Opinion Research

Socio-economic aspect of migration, aspect of integration of migrants and refugees and domestic political aspect of migration in V4.

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